L I - C B T
Long Island - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


  1. Quarterly face to face social meet-ups for maintaining and widening social networks, facilitation of collaborative ventures, informal supervision, exchange & dissemination of CBT/EBP information, and the simple pleasure and company of peers.  

  1. LICBT will host & promote invited guest speakers who will give CBT/EBP professional development & training lectures.

  1. Virtual contact with the Long Island CBT/EBP community via our   LICBT  e-mail list, facebook group & LinkedIn group.  Access and use of those virtual groups for self posting and promoting of services & events (e.g., workshops, publications, trainings, services, groups, etc).


  1. LICBT official promotional sponsorship and assistance is also available via LICBT’s group email listing (pending board approval in order to decrease spam1)

•  The LICBT referral list; access to contact info and your listing on our Long Island based referral list of CBT/EBP professionals2.

Here CBT/EST refers to; traditional BT, CBT, CT, ABA, BA, and third generation CBT’s  (Third Generation CBT’s, e.g., Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, MBCT, FAP, CBASP, IBCT, IPT).  This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of empirically supported treatments and other empirically based practices.

For More Information and/or membership Contact:


  1. 1.SPAM PROHIBITION:  we strictly prohibit the use these emails for group email blasts, spamming or group email promotions without the express permission of the LICBT board.

  2. 2.LICBT REFERRAL LIST DISCLAIMER:  Membership in LICBT is not an indication of vetted professional licensing or credentialing and should not be considered as a referral list for choosing vetted professionals for psychological treatment.  Many of our members are in fact highly credentialed professionals in the field of CBT or another EST, however, LICBT does not officially credential, certify or vet its members and is therefore not a substitute for other vetted referral sources.


LI-CBT’s  Mission

We are a CBT & EBP mental health professionals social networking group. The purpose of this group is to; facilitate a more inter-connected community among cognitive behavioral therapists (CBT) & empirically based practice (EBP) professionals & students on Long Island.  Our membership is committed to disseminating CBT/EBP state of the art information amongst otherwise disparate types of members & settings, e.g.,  individual clinicians, practice centers, students, academics, medical professionals, researchers and the Long Island community at large.